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Monday, 30 April 2012

Blogging Tips:How To Schedule Posts in Blogger

Posts Scheduling helps me alot in keeping my blog updated with fresh content while busy at work and doing other things offline. If I won't be on the computer to make a post on a certain date or going for holiday at a place where I might not be able to access the internet, scheduled post publishing helps me out.  In this post, I am sharing with you, how to schedule posts on Blogspot/Blogger blogs.

If you schedule post, it’ll be automatically published to your blog on the date and time that has been specified for it to be published to your blog. All you need to do is make sure to compose enough posts when you have the time and schedule each and everyone one of them to be published automatically to your blog at a certain future date and time.

Scheduling time a post should be a published is easy to do on a Blogger blog via the POST EDITOR: Under "Post Settings" on the right-hand side, just click on Schedule as seen in the picture below:

Increase the Traffic on your Website with Barrie SEO Services.

The Internet is a well known medium to gain and give information efficiently and in a cost effective manner. The last few years has shown a large growth in technology and the market has shifted from offline business to online business. We are all well aware of the prevelence of online business and that it requires strong marketing strategies. SEO companies such as Barrie SEO are the masters of this strategy.Meanwhile SEO means Search Engine Optimization
The key role of SEO in Barrie is to bring as much qualified traffic to your website and to increase your number of customers. In fact, optimising a website means increasing the ranking of the website, which automatically increases the traffic on the site. There are many things to think about while executing an effective SEO promotion, with the focus being on a well-structured and technically sound website, inbound link building and on page optimisation.

3 Easy Steps To Build Your Marketing Muscle

Whether it is entrepreneurs or small to medium size business owners, many people get stuck in the overwhelmed feeling of how to successfully market their businesses. They lack systems and effective strategies to keep their funnel of potential clients full. In order to avoid the overwhelmed feeling of not marketing your business properly, you must have a systemic approach that starts with a simple philosophy; "don't sell to strangers." What I mean by this is to focus on building relationships first, and only sell to people with whom you already have a relationship. Think about the last time you made a purchase for a major item such as a house or a car. Did the agent or salesperson, try to get to know a little about you before attempting to sell you? More than likely, the answer is yes if they were good at their job, that is. You get the point, right? Building a relationship with your prospects will help them to know, like and trust you and eventually want to buy from you. Fortunately, setting up a system to "get to know" your prospects is precisely that...a system.
There are 3 components to this system, and each must be completed in order. Please resist the urge and temptation to focus on step 3 before you do steps 1 & 2. To reiterate, the system works best when followed in order.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Click the image below to solve your financial problems

The 5 Categories of people who make it online

Hello friends,you need to understand that these are the following categories of
people who will make m0ney from the internet:
•    If you have experience or expertise in any area of life and
You can teach others your experience or expertise in a simple way
•    If you have an existing offline business and you want to set up an
online store or presence for that business
•    If you are an employee desperately looking for a way
to create multiple streams of income
•    If you have an idea and you are passionate about launching
it to the world
•    If you have knowledge, experience, expertise, can research,
and you can teach others what you know in simple readable English
If you fall into ANY of the categories listed above,
then you have the qualifications to make m0ney from the internet.

Now that you know who which category you belong to, let me
say this very clearly to you – The only people who make m0ney
on the internet are those who SELL something. If you have
nothing to offer, forget it.To build an online business or make m0ney from
the internet, You should have a particular experience in
any area of life, insider knowledge about something, skill,
expertise, or an idea, service or product which people are
desperately looking for. Without any of these, there is no
way your internet inc0me dream will be fulfilled.Now, in case you have been online for a while, I’m not
talking about google adsense, survey, get paid to
read emails, multi-level marketing, HYIP
(High Yield Investment Program), Forex trading and
all those funny programs that you invest so much
energy on and yet you do not have control over the
outcome nor the inc0me. I am talking about real things
that you have control over and which allows you to
dictate your inc0me – information products or services.
Let me share with you The 3 Traits of Products that
will create Massive inc0me for you on the internet

Friday, 27 April 2012

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