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Friday, 21 September 2012

How To Get Paid Blogging

Blogging is not as easy as it seems.It is like writing a 1-2  page note(s) everyday plus the numerous research,exposure and knowledge one needs to acquire to produce good quality contents.It is just not easy.Many bloggers today are looking for a way to be compensated for their time,energy and resources utilised in writing useful free contents and infos online.What better way is there,than to get paid for the work you are doing.Here are ways to get paid blogging.

Affiliate Marketing
One of the best money-making channels for blogs is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, a blogger can earn a commission on sales they generate by promoting a merchant's products.Infact,am into this type and i get cool payouts monthly.Take for instance, a blogger with a farming site may write a review on their favorite farm tool and insert their affiliate link within that review. If a reader of that content takes the blogger's recommendation and makes a purchase, that blogger would receive a percentage of that sale. The majority of online retailers have affiliate programs available, either directly or through an advertising network.You can join an affiliate website here.

Sell Products and Services
This obviously is an awesome and quick way to make money blogging.You can sell products on your blog,ranging from homemade to brand made.You can also sell on websites like, etc.
          Services you can sell on your blog include Ad Spaces.If you have huge traffic and large readership,you can offer to advertise peoples blogs,websites and services for a fee.You can also sell your used phones,refurbished laptops etc.This will increase your earnings if done alongside with affiliate marketing.NB;You can also advertise on this blog here.

Become an Ad Publisher
Ad publishing simply involves advertising related ads on you blog and getting paid for it.Many online merchants or service providers advertise their businesses through Cost Per Click (CPC) ads. These ads may not only show up in search engine results, but also on blogs utilizing ads. So,if you utilize ads,if a blog visitor clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser then pays a set rate for that click.

 That rate is then divided accordingly between you as a blogger and the advertising network. In order for CPC ads to be effective, a blogger must have a working understanding of SEO and keywords. Those ads are displayed based on keywords within the blog's text. If no keywords are optimized, related ads may not be displayed. The more relevant the ads, the more likely a visitor or blog reader will click on it and you make your money.

Well,i will pause here for today.Apply the above tips to make money on your blog and you will come back thanking me.Bottom line:You can not make large amount of cash if you do not have huge blog traffic ,simple!

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