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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Making Money Online Using The Power of Facebook

Making money online stands side by side with the viral power of social media. It cannot be denied that social media is one of the most significant tool used by strategic online marketers.
Of course, social media is not designed really for business as the term denotes. However, if done in the right way then it is a top destination to promote your business.
So, what is the first step to do to get started? If you have just created your account at Facebook, it is quite right not to go directly promoting any products or services you have. It is very unprofessional to do this right away since you will not be seen as a true social friend. Majority of these people have joined Facebook because they want to socialize with their friends and families and not to buy something.

You have to start building relationships first before taking any attempt to promote or sell something to them. You have to establish yourself as one who is taking part in anything that they are doing. You have to make complements such as making good comments, liking their posts, sharing their posts, posting your thoughts, photos and videos that catch attention, etc. You have to establish yourself as one with them and to be followed and liked in return.
Make the daily 20-30 minutes habit to spend time socializing while slowly and strategically starting to make yourself known as an online marketer.
It is always a big mistake by online newcomers to directly post their online businesses at their own personal walls. There has to be a proper way to do it if you want to amass the viral power of facebook to make money online.I have here a very effective strategy and a very professional way of posting yourself as an online marketer at Facebook. Did you know that you can post in your personal wall as your fan page? And anything posted there is also seen at the walls of all your friends? And if your friends get to like or share your post it will also automatically be noticed in all their friends' walls? Now you have the idea. So, next time you post something promotional or anything related to your business, do it in your business page and not in your own personal wall. This will eliminate the wrong procedure of directly posting your business at where you are supposed to socialize. As such, you will not be seen as one of those who are just trying to sell and squeeze potential customers' credit cards.
Making money online with the use of Facebook can really make the most of what you want. It offers huge amount of potential that is really only limited by your imagination. Once you recognize its viral and amazing power to make money online, you are on the right way to achieving your financial success

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