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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Download XPRSS-Free RSS Reader For Blackberry

XPRSS is a free, fast and highly customizable reader, pre-installed with several categories and feeds.This enables you to follow latest news easily on my BB. It works with BIS connection and the loading time is fantastic. It is an alternative to the BB Social Feeds app, the FreeRange app which has been retired by the developer, Viigo app which works only with selected devices and BeReader app which is not free .

Features of XPRSS app:

-Copy and paste

-Options menu for network settings and social network

-Full story view via google mobilizer and instapaper

-Share via direct launch of social networking apps

-OPML support


-Date and time

- Three feed search methods (url paste and add, website search, topic search)

- Configurable for personal feeds like mylinkedIn

-In-app email sharing

- Support for RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0

On default setting after you install XPRSS on your Blackberry, you will find some pre-listed feeds including CNN, Wired, Wall Street Journal, E! Online Top Stories, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, ESPN, Techcrunch, Engadget etc. You can easily add your own custom feed via the menu options of the app. You can also import feeds via an OPML URL.

Though as at the time of publishing this, it lacks integration with Google reader and doesn't work in offline mode, I still love it because it fits the bill perfectly. Click the link below to get it.
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