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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

10 Steps To Get Links To Your New Website

Have you finally managed to get a website or blog, and now you want traffic?? The problem is that there are so many thousands of sites and in order to become visible on the internet, you need to enhance your website's popularity. Have a look at this 10 Step guide, which will help you get valuable links and improve your traffic levels, and thus your overall site popularity:

1. Make use of automated link management websites and directories. This is important as the more links that you have to your website, the more highly rated it will be by the search engines.
Bear it in mind that the search engines like Google and Bing are continually updating their algorithms, but links will always weigh in your favour.
2.Invite other sites to engage in a link partnership. Many webmasters visit related websites and would be more than happy to link with you. The most important aspect here is to keep the solution quick and easy for partners to participate in a link exchange.

3. High authority websites generate traffic and increase website popularity. Sites like Wikipedia have tremendous influence and authority when it comes to traffic generation. These sites strive on quality content so you want to avoid spamming at all costs. When you participate in high authority sites and are able to add value then you will become recognised over time. As you improve your reputation, your links become more welcome.

4. Blog, blog, blog...
Create a blog and post regularly. Visit other blogs that are related to your field of interest and comment on their posts. Leave links to your site in your comments. Be sure to keep your comments relevant. There is nothing worse for a blog owner than spam. The quality of your comments is as important as the quality of your content. Blog posting is effective and has the potential to send hundreds of visitors to your site every week.

5. Forums also help enhance your reputation as long as you keep your messages relevant and of a high standard. When you join forums, try to use the same user name and password to make it easier for you to manage your posts and memberships. Also, only participate in forums that are in your niche and add links to your site when allowed. Be conscious of the forum that you are participating in. Make sure that they are valuable otherwise you will not benefit from being an active member.

6. Post on groups and other online communities.

7. Social bookmarking is also on the rise. Sites like or can be used to generate interest in your site. As people browse the web, if they find your content to be interesting or valuable, then they mark it on social sites for other people to find. The more interest you get, the higher the value of your content.

8. Yahoo Answers can also be a valuable source of traffic. Provide valuable contributions to enhance your reputation.

If you offer something of value for free to visitors you can establish a following. Newsletters to subscribers can also increase your popularity. When you attract someone to join your site, they often tell their friends. This in turn leads them to tell their friends and so on, and so on...

Traffic will increase, which in turn increases webmaster interest. This increases your value to others for link exchanges. See point 2.

10. Submit articles. Write good quality articles that provide valuable information and submit them to the better article directories such as

I hope this helps you.Be Sociable by sharing with friends.

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