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Friday, 20 July 2012

How To Setup Google Analytic on Blogger Blogs

What is Google Analytics? This is a free tool that will show you some useful information about your blog's activities when installed. Google Analytics provides analytic details about your blogs visitors and traffic such as how many people visited your blog within a giving period of time and how long they stay on your site as well as what keywords they used to find your site on search engines. with Google Analytics, you can learn about where your visitors come from and how they interact on your blog.
Google Analytics is a must use tool if you really want your blog to grow in traffic, otherwise you are just doing a vain work. Inside this post, i will show you how to add Google Analytics to your blog and start utilizing it. it is simple and straight forward.

How to start:

First of all, you will have to Setup a Google analytic account if you don't have one, go to and signup for a new account. click on signup button if you haven't register otherwise click on Access account button to log in that is if you already have an analytics account.

In the Next step, you will be asked to enter your general information which are website URL, Account Name, Country and Time Zone. enter your blog URL without the http:// but start with the www. and give your account a general name. in my case i used Alphamarketer.

The next step will ask for your contact details which are Your first name, last name, phone number, and country. hope you are following right? ok

The last step in signing up is to accept the user agreement terms and conditions which you should read carefully in other not to breach any terms and conditions (i never read those things)

This is the most important step here, Google Analytics will provide some codes which you must embed or rather include or paste in your blogger template. so click inside the box to highlight the entire codes and copy them. paste these codes in a notepad and save it. you will have to use them latter. Note that any alteration in the code will make the whole process useless so be careful with them ok?

Now click on the "continue button" and you will be taken to your Google Analytics account dashboard. your blog will be listed but with no data. you will need to paste those code in your blogger template before details of your blog will be listed on Google Analytics dashboard. see below picture for clarification

Now we are done with setting up a Google analytic account. the next step will be adding the codes in your blogger templates.

How to Add Google Analytics Code in Blogger Blog

Adding GA codes to your blogger template will enable GA to track your blog and report details about every activities found on your blog just as we stated before.

Login your blogger dashboard and navigate to Template, click on Edit  HTML. this will display your template code. be careful not to delete or add any thing in your template apart from the code GA provides. i will advise you to backup your blogger template before you continue.

Now you will have to find the tag in your template. so use CTRL + F to find the tag in your template. if you can't find it then it means your template wasn't coded properly so you will have to find and add the tag right above it.

Go to where you saved your GA code, copy them and paste Above or on top of the tag in your template then save. definitely this should work well if not, perhaps your template is the problem and not the GA codes.

Now after pasting GA code successfully in your template, you will have to let GA know that you have embed the code. so go to your Analytics account dashboard and click on "edit" you will see a screen that says Tracking not installed" and a link "Check Status" see screen shot below

go ahead and click on Check status link to tell GA to visit your blog and verify the code. assuming you paste the codes properly, Google Analytics will find the code and you will receive the following message "Analytics has been successfully installed and data is been gathered now" see picture below

after some few hours or minutes, Google Analytics will start tracking every activities on your blog. Note that it usually takes an hour or so before you will be able to see any data of your blog on the account dashboard. Google Analytics is a very powerful and useful tool for all bloggers.I hope this helps.You can ask questions or comment on this post.

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