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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Blogging Lessons From The Parable Of The Talents

Awhile back I came across a familiar Bible story, the parable of the talents. But this time I saw it in a new light, as it relates to blogging.     Yes, this ancient parable has a practical blogging application!
First, let me give you a brief overview of the story in case you're not already familiar with it and then I'll get into how it relates to blogging. (If you want to read the story yourself, you can read it in Matthew 25.)

The story goes that there was once a wealthy man who was going on a long journey. He called 3 of his servants in and gave them each some money to take care of while he was gone. To one servant he gave 5 bags of gold, to another he gave 2 bags and to 1 he gave 1 bag. The amount of gold that each servant got was based on their ability.

     The first 2 servants immediately went to work and invested their gold. But the servant who got 1 bag of gold buried his gold in the ground because he was afraid.
When the master returned from his trip, he called his servants in to give an account of what they had done with the gold they had been given. The servants who were given 2 and 5 bags of gold had doubled what they were given. But the man who was given 1 bag of gold still only had 1 bag.
The master was exceedingly pleased with the first 2 servants, but he was very angry with the servant who buried his gold. In fact, he was so mad at him for not using what he had been given, that he took the gold away from him, and gave it to the guy who started off with the most gold.

Now here are the blogging lessons we can learn from this ancient parable.

1. We all have different amount of "gold," when it comes to our blogging talents. Some people have more skill, some have more time, some have resources, that others don't have. But we all have something - at least some blogging talent.

2. Bloggers who immediately get to work using the talent and resources they have will be successful, but the ones who bury their blogging talent in the ground due to fear will lose even the little bit of talent they have.

3. Bloggers who use the resources they have will be given even more. Have you ever noticed that some bloggers seem to have lucky breaks and everything seems to fall into place for them? They meet the right people and have tons of opportunities? It isn't luck; it's a result of using what they have until they gain momentum.

So my question for you is which blogger are you? Are you a blogger who is using the talent you have or are you hiding your blogging talent out of fear?

NB: This is not originally written by me.
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