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Monday, 14 May 2012

7 Steps on How To Advertise On Facebook

Over the years, marketing strategies have shifted from the conventional flyers, streamers, billboards, radio ads, and television ads to adapt to the information age, the internet and now social networking, particularly Facebook. So exactly how do you advertise on Facebook? For sure, you know that Facebook is the leader among the social networks worldwide, and the reason why you want to advertise on it is because people, who can be your future customers, are there.
Now I think the problem that's left is the process. You're already excited to get the "clicks" from users you've always imagined. But now comes the hard part - which is the actual development and implementation of the ad.
How do you advertise on Facebook? Well, for the benefit of those who haven't really done this before, ever, it's always a good practice to observe other advertisements published on Facebook. Most of these ads look similar as to conciseness and color schemes, because Facebook set the standards according to size of the ad. Then, to help you decide on creating a really effective ad, consider the following below.
Here are the 7 steps to help you answer "How do you advertise on Facebook?"

• Visit advertising page on Facebook. To get started, you have to click on the "advertising" button of the page. On the page you'll see "Create Social Ad" which you have to click to advertise what you want.
• Specify your ad. You have to be specific on what particular business, service, and product you want to promote.
• Design your Creative Ad. Create a catchy and enticing title for your Ad. It can be in a form of sentence with a maximum of 25 characters. Make a brief and catchy explanation about your product or service, grammar and spelling error-free. Add a picture or logo to your Ad that is relevant to your product or company.
• Place your website address on your Ad. Every time the users click your advertisement, it will direct into this link.
• Select a pay per click or pay per view for your payment. When you choose pay per click, you will pay the Facebook when somebody is clicking your advertisement. While in pay per view, you will pay every time your Ad is displayed to users. Then confirm your choice by clicking the continue button.
• Fix your budget. Place your budget amount you would like to pay Facebook everyday for your ads.
• Set schedule for your ads. Set a schedule on how many days your ads will be visible in the Facebook Ad page and when is it going to start or to stop, then click continue. At this point you can view your Ad. If you see that it's completely filled out, that's the time you will click the "Place Oder" button. Voila! You have created your own advertisement on Facebook.
From now on, with the above tips, the question "How do you advertise on Facebook?" is a thing of the past. Placing your business ads in the social networking site like Facebook is one of the great opportunities to market on your targeted audience. Facebook will provide you information about the audiences' age, gender, location and interest where you can choose who the target audiences of your Ads are. It can give you access to connect the whole world by just making them public, as friends. By building this good relationship with Facebook users, you can earn a good spot in the market and earn target revenues through advertising your business on Facebook.

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