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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Why Sales Prospects Don't Buy From You

Why do you think leads and prospects stay that way and they don't convert into customers? It would have been ideal if all sales leads or prospects eventually turn into customers, right?
But unfortunately, in the real world, it does not happen that way all the time. Brace yourself and get ready for the top reasons as to why your prospects never buy from you.
1. Your sales prospects don't need whatever it is you're offering them. This is a very common scenario. You have to realise that not all people need your products or services-except if you sell a solution with tremendous mass appeal, that is.
To be sensible about it, attempting to convince people about your market offerings when they don't even need your solution is really, just a waste of time and effort. So that to prevent this from taking place, your prospecting attempts must be targeted.
2. They never have the time. In this fast-paced world of hectic lifestyles, almost everyone are always busy. Their usual calendar are filled with various tasks and meetings, not to mention that they have to balance it with their personal lives as well. The typical manager normally needs an uninterrupted week in order to finish their workload. That's why
executives do not have the time to listen to yet another sales individual for their sales pitch.
3. Your prospects already got their own supplier. This is another challenge for converting business leads to buyers. It is indeed very tough to remove a present supplier although you got a product or service that's better or even more improvised. What's tougher is that if the firm is already satisfied with their existing supplier.
Nevertheless, if the lead is one opportunity you simply can't pass up, then you can always imprint your name on their minds by keeping in touch. That could always help you one step forward if their current supplier fails to deliver or make that pivotal mistake.
4. The prospects don't have the resources. Despite what the pundits say regarding showing significant value will make organisations be able to look for ways in finding money and pay for your solutions, (especially for the higher level executives), many times, this doesn't work.
5. They are not open to change. This is a fact---that most people in companies are not willing to change since it entails considerable pain, stress, inconveniences and lots of major adjustments. It is like getting uprooted from one's comfort zone and start all over again. That's why most business managers simply 'grin and bear it' than start from A to Z and look for another supplier or vendor and getting acclimated to lots of adjustments.
6. Sales prospects got other priorities. Business-related priorities normally change quickly. What can be considered as urgent this day may be relegated as no longer important the day after tomorrow, when something else happens or yet another dilemma comes around.
That's why as sales people, it's highly important to understand the degree of importance of an opportunity; doing so will help us to avert the problems that keep us from converting prospects into customers.

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