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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Make Your Blog Posts Appear On Facebook and Twitter

Apart from organic traffic from search engine optimization, you can also be getting free traffic from social networking sites. There are loads of them out there but personally, as at the time of publishing this, I devote more time to Facebook and Twitter.

There are many tricks on how to use Facebook and Twitter in driving traffic to your blog but today, am just sharing one of the tricks. If your blog posts automatically get posted to Facebook and Twitter, you will be getting some hits to your blog, though how much traffic you get from those sites depend on some factors e.g number of friends/fans/followers you have and the number of those friends/fans/followers that are really interested in your blog updates. Will discuss more about this in my future updates.

So, How Do I Get Started?

I use two tools for now: Twitterfeed and Networkedblogs app


Once you register at and add your blog url/feed, you can connect your account to your Facebook profile, Facebook pages and Twitter account. Once authorized and connected, whenever you update your blog with a new post, the title of the blog post, with a link to the full article will be sent across automatically to Twitter and also to Facebook.

 More so, you can set up a prefix or suffix e.g "New Post:", "please ReTweet" to be automatically added to the posts sent to Facebook and Twitter. Right at, you’ll see statistics for each post, showing you just how many people clicked on them.

How To Use TwitterFeed

Go straight to and sign up for your free account. Once you sign up, log in and click on the "Add New Feed" button.

Enter your blog name and the blog url in the respective boxes and continue to the next steps where you will have to add your Facebook and Twitter accounts. From the Advanced settings page, you can add the post prefix, post suffix, link shortening service to use etc. Feel free to customize the settings to your need.


This a Facebook app. Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, this application easily syndicates the post to your Facebook profile, Facebook Page and Twitter. Once you add this application to your Facebook Timeline, all you need to do, is to add your blog's feed and you are good to go.

How To Use NetworkedBlogs app

To get started with NetworkedBlogs, go to

Sign in with your Facebook account and authorize it to have access to your profile etc. Once you get to the application page, click on "Register a Blog".  Enter your blog link in the provided box and follow the instructions.

Once you are through adding your blog, click on the "syndication" link to add your Facebook and Twitter targets. Once done successfully, your blog posts will automatically be appearing on Facebook and Twitter whenever you update your blog.

Kindly, go to my own NetworkedBlogs application page and follow me. If you follow me, so I can follow you back.

if you have an idea of any other web app that allows you to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter,do relay it via the comment form.Remember toshare this with your friends.

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