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Friday, 26 October 2012

5 Blog Traffic Tips To Adopt After Blog Creation

Get huge blog traffic
Hello readers,i will be giving you simple tips on how to drive traffic to your blog immediately after creating it.It is pertinent that you follow the  steps below for quick and increased blog readership. This will help avoid very low page rank on the search engines and increase your SEO as your blog continously.Here they are;

Blog Listing on The Major Search engines
The most important thing to do is listings your blog URL in Search Engine directories like Google, Yahoo,MSN, etc.This is important for effective SEO.You can read a post on how to list your blog in major search engine directories here.

Advertise your blog on Forums,Social Networks,other blogs...
You can freely join any online discussion forum and let people know about your new blog.An example of such is Nairaland Forum.Be careful,do not go about spamming.Make friends,contribute to topics and advertise mildly.This will make you appear responsible and assertive. By the time people notice your relevant contributions,they will trust you enough to visit your blog and perhaps become permanent readers.
Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter are very important in blog traffic maximization.Open accounts on any of these sites,if you don't have one.Make friends and start telling them of your online creation.You can go further to open a fan page for your blog and advertise it as a Facebook Ad on Facebook(this is not free of charge).
You can also advertise on other blogs that have huge readership and large fan base.This is normally paid for or You can write guest posts for blogs that provide this option.Guest posting is usually free and some blogs can even pay you for the service

Advertise Using AdWords & AdCenter
Google's AdWords and Microsoft Adcenter are popular Ad channels that can drive huge traffic to your blog at a go.The online thing is that you might find the charges quite expensive.Other Ad channels include Ad Dynamo,AdBrite,etc.You can be sure of increased traffic from these advertising sites.

Video Marketing
Video marketing is  simply creating a video and uploading it to a video site like Youtube or Vuclip.The video should not be too long ,say 10-15 minutes long.You should create something of great quality to viewers example is creating a tutorial video on how to "Start a Blog Using Blogger". At the end of the clip,you leave a link to your blog for interested viewers to visit.Note that you have to open an account with the aforementioned sites.

Article Submission
You can  write quality articles and submit to article directories like EzineArticles,GoArticles e.t.c.These sites have huge readership and you can be sure of getting numerous backlinks to your blog.For example,you can write on Mobile Apps or Internet security and submit to the relevant category.This is a good form of guest posting.Note that you muzt register with them to submit articles freely.
That's all for now.I hope you apply these tips and see you blog traffic increase, even as a newbie.
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