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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gravatar-Make Use Of The Globally Recognized Avatar In Your Blog Comments

Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar which you can use in commenting on blog posts for easy recognition.Okay, i didn't start well.In the first place,An avatar is an image/picture of you that appears beside your name when you comment on a blog as a blog reader or post on one as a blogger.This can easily be setup on

Reasons you need an Avatar from Gravatar
As a blogger,
1. It makes your blog look professional and welcoming
2.There is a sort of orderliness in seeing cute images beside names
3.It adds to the beauty to your blog

As a blog reader,
1.You posts can never be interpreted as spam.
2.You can attract a potential partner by showing off your cute pics.You know,like on Facebook.

Setting up gravatar is pretty easy.All you need yo do is stated below

1.Go to
2.Enter your valid email address in the provided space.
3.Click on "Get Your Gravatar"
4.You will receive an email in the mail address you entered.Click the confirmation link to continue
5.On the new webpage,enter your preferred username,password and accept their terms of service
6.Finally,choose a picture of your choice and start commenting on blogs.

That's all

I plead with all my blog readers that do comment,please take 5 minutes of your browsing time and set this up.

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