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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Steps To Take For Increased Pageviews On Your Blog

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What every blogger desires is an audience.A wide readership base and huge traffic to his/her blog.This can be shown as the number of page views one gets daily and monthly.Obviously,the higher the page views,the greater the amount of people visiting you blog.This also contributes to SEO ,money making(if you sell products and ads on your blog) and popularity.By following the simple steps below,you will definitely experience continual increase in page views.

Write quality contents
This cannot be over emphasised.Without writing quality things that interest people,there can be know increase in page views.Look for what you have a passion for and most people are interested in,and blog about it continually.
Write a series;
This simply means writing a blog post in parts at certain periods.For instance,you can write a series on Farming Tips and post it in parts(part 1,2,...)every particular day. This method of creating page views is really effective if you have valuable content to offer your readers. If your series is interesting,people will keep coming back for more.

Create Links within posts;
This simply means creating links within you own post.As you can see in this article,some words in blue color are linked to relevant posts which can be of help to a blog reader.This method must be used,if you really want greater page views daily.

Be Sociable & Interactive;
You must be sociable and interact freely with people Some social sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all about interaction.You can create a fanpage in any of these social channels and interact with you fans.When you write a relevant post,they can share it with their friends who might eventually like you page and become regular blog readers.This will no doubt increase your blog page views.
That's all for now.Stay connected for more on this in future.If you have contributions,please use the comment box.

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  1. This is really helpful thanks a lot!I'm a new blogger.I also have a problem with page views widget, I can't find any, I find two but when I installed it show that I already have 2 million plus views which isn't realistic as I have only two posts since I started yesterday, do you know where I can download a page views widget?

  2. Thanks for your reply Carolina.Well,you can get a widget that will show you the number of visitors to your blog at anytime form go to the desktop version of my blog,on the right hand side,you'll see a wigdet that displays the number of visitors from diff. nations.Click on grab widget,at the bottom of it to get yours.You can also view your daily pageviews from you blogger dashboard once you enter. I hope this helps


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