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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

PicStory For BlackBerry-Download & Tell Your Story Using Pictures

Here is another picture app from Blackberry.PicStory allows you to compose nice pictures with many layouts and backgrounds. You can put in nice label or apply photo filters just like Instagram! Share your moments in PicStory and make new friends now! 

Picstory will create 'picture stories' for the Web. The process is similar to ordinary gallery software: you provide pictures and the program formats them into HTML. But for picstory, as well as providing images and captions, you also write a story into which the pictures fit.

Picstory doesn't need a special server. It just builds HTML and other files that you can then upload to any server.

Picstory requires that you organise pictures within one root folder. Inside that folder, you will create one subfolder for each picture story and copy the necessary files into it.
It's best to create a new folder so that there are no other contents that might confuse the system.

The program interface consists of a single Build button and a progress display.To use picstory, you edit the necessary files in folders within that root folder and then click Build. If you make changes to those files, click 'Build again'

Download PicStory For BB here.

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