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Monday, 1 October 2012

Nigeria @ 52-Happy Independence Day...Are You Really Independent?

Hurray!!! Nigeria is 52 years old today.Happy independence day to all my blog readers who happen to be Nigerian like me.It is a good thing really.Nigerian has not become the best we want it to be but i am hopeful we will get there in no time. But,the most important question today is; Are you really independent as an individual?
i believe that being independent as a nation starts with being independent as a people/person.So,are you still depending on you parents,rich uncles and aunts for most of the things you need? you could become the captain of your life ship by taking the wheel.In other words,become independent in certain areas of your life.At Alphamarketer,we are only concerned about financial independence more than anything else.What better way is there than to start working to earn by yourself.So,you want you passive income to exceed your daily expenses? Start earning into your bank account today.

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