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Saturday, 20 October 2012

How To Backup Your Facebook Account

facebook backup
The importance of this social network can not be over emphasised.To me,Facebook is more than a social network,i feel it is a social Now,imagine a country without the army or any military defense.What do you think will be the fate of such a nation in a period of war.Of course, it will be obliterated.That is how your facebook account can be without any form of defense and backup.
With the increased development of science and tech(a good thing),there is also a proportional increase in the number of hackers and stalkers on the world wide web,including the social network.Therefore to be on the safe side,you will be learning how you can backup your facebook account. Some months ago,Facebook  added a new feature called  Account archive which will let you download a back up copy of all important Facebook data. When you use Facebook backup feature, you would be able to take back up of:
  • All your Facebook profile photos and Videos
  • Your Wallposts, messages and Facebook chat history
  • Your friend’s name and Emails (Email export depends upon their privacy settings)

Steps To Take To Backup You Facebook Account
~Log on to your FB account
~Click on that arrow on the top right hand side.Then click on 'Account Settings'
~Go down to the end of the page and click on 'Download a copy of your facebook data'
~On the new page,click on start my archive as shown below

~After creating your archive,enter your password and download the created archive

That is all.You are so done and protected

Creating your archive might take as long as an hour.So you have to be patient.
An email might be sent to you from Facebook to confirm the backup.
If you do not receive the email,do not worry.The deed(backup) is already done.

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