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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How To Add Title & ALT Text To Your Blog Post Image

Blog Seo
Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of blogging.Without your blog being optimized on the popular search engines,you tend to loose traffic and wide readership base.Therefore it is important for you as a blogger(if you are one) to do every thing to get effective SEO for your blog.One of the ways you can increase on this,is by optimizing your blog post images.
This simply means linking your blog images to your blog url.Let me explain well.When someone searches for something on the Google image search using a keyword (e.g blogging tips),an image from your blog concerning 'blogging tips' will show up and if  it is clicked on,the person is referred to a post on your blog linked to that image.This in turn increases your blog traffic and likely,the visitor will turn to be a regular blog reader.Isn't that simple.

Here are steps to take in adding Title & ALT(Alternative) Text to your blog image for SEO

* After writing an article,click on the image you used for it

* Click on 'properties'  at the base of the image as shown below


* A window will appear,enter you desired Title and Alt text as shown below
That's all. I advise you use popular keywords that relate to your posts for effective SEO.

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