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Monday, 8 October 2012

Download PicMix App For Your BlackBerry

download picmix app
There is a a popular saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.Well,i agree with that.I know you do.But the unpopular saying is that multiple pictures in fancy frames, text captions  and amazing photo effects is worth a million stories. I totally concur.That is what PicMix App does for you.As a BB user,you can take many pictures,'mix' them together as a single image and share with friends on facebook, twitter and on BBM.
Isn't that great? Many pictures telling different stories,covered with fancy frames,text captions and touchy effects and finally appearing as ONE awesome image.

Other Features include;

Advanced Custom Frames - Adjust the border color, setup the corner and frame pattern as well! You will be addicted. Guaranteed! Try it for yourself!

Advanced Text Editor - Adding text on your picture will never be the same. Find out what PicMix now can do!

Socialize More - Connect & Invite Facebook / Twitter friends and recommend your friends to follow your PicMix account.

RePost - Now you can repost other user's picture.

Hi-Res - Your picture can now be saved in higher resolution format. 720 x 720 pixels.

Profile Pictures Changer - Update your BBM & Twitter profile picture directly from PicMix!

New Filters: Vintage filters are now available. This awesome effect will make your edited photo looks priceless and timeless.

Introducing MixCredits - You can use MixCredits to purchase various items in PicMix such as premium frames, patterns, filters, advanced editing tools, and many more cool stuffs.

Below is a picture of how it looks like after  customizing your pics;

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  1. Waw it more interestin to have it

  2. Waw dat so gud neh

  3. I like to add my pictures together

  4. Wow ts interestn to hv picmix

  5. I can't get to d site

  6. Wow I like it

  7. I can't downlaod picmix becouse I don't know what blackbery I'd is!help plz anonymous

  8. Icant get it dis side plz help me

  9. I wnt to mix ma pic's bt dnt knw hw

  10. I've fogotten my password, can't down load picmix. What must I do? Pls help

  11. I find it hard 2 download picmix,pls help anonymous

  12. Pls how can I download picmix

  13. Hw to do photo mix


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