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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Auto Publish Blog Posts To Facebook Using RSS Graffiti

Rss Graffiti for facebook
As a blogger,the social media is inexpendable when it comes to being successful.To create a wide readership,fan base and get huge traffic,you must take advantage of the traffic social networks pull.Obviously,Facebook and Twitter are the best avenue to do this.Today,you will learn how to automatically publish your feeds on facebook using RSS Graffiti.

RSS Graffiti is a Facebook app which helps you share your blog’s RSS feeds on your wall. This app works with Facebook profile and Facebook fan pages. You can add multiple feeds and configure multiple facebook  pages to publish updates using this app.The good thing about is this app is totally free.

Here are Steps to take in Setting this up

2.Click on 'Go to Application'
3.Click 'Confirm' to authenticate your facebook page
4.Allow Constant Authorization to operate RSS feeds even when you are offline.
5. Also Allow Publishing so that the app can post feeds on the Facebook Wall
6.Finally,click on 'AddFeed ' and enter you blog's URL to start publishing feeds

That's all.You can always customize and reset your settings using the 'Settings' tab.

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